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Heaven & Hell

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zoom stats question
  c4rnage, Jul 19 2013

Should i consider stats at zoom 6max the same i consider them at 6max normal table?

I mean, for example what it is a hi/low stat, at 6max its not the same at a HU table.

If not, what adjustments should i make?


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Tablet Suggestions?
  c4rnage, Jan 31 2013

Im thinking on buying a tablet in the range of $100-400, could be higher but not much, my principal reason is to read books/magazines, but that doesn't mean im not interested on using other applications, web, etc.
Only thing that must be, is 10inch.
My first choice is the Galaxy Tab 2, but i have read that it has its problems when playing 1080hd, probably this is nothing to worry about but in the case i end up loading 1080hd material i wouldn't like to have problems playing it, and for the specifications that i has apparently the cost is high... so im looking for alternatives (no Ipads please)


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  c4rnage, Jun 18 2012

sick guy.

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